The Way We Work

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Developing A Personal Service

At Peter Stewart Associates, we realise that every situation is different and every individual is unique. We have therefore developed a range of services which can be tailored to meet your specific needs no matter how complex. We will work in partnership with you and look to develop an excellent working relationship that will evolve over time.

Ongoing fees will depend on the type of relationship you choose to have with us and will be discussed and agreed with your Adviser. Of course your circumstances may change over time and we will be flexible in the way we work. Rest assured that however you choose to develop your personal service, our four key principles – honesty, integrity, reliability and value will underpin our relationship at all times.

We offer three service levels:

This will be discussed with you at our first meeting and we will run through which one we feel suits your circumstances, and provide you with a separate leaflet outlining how it works and what level of services you will receive from us initially, and on an ongoing basis – where appropriate.

Here is a brief description of these services:-

Transactional – this is where you ask us to look at a particular issue but do not require us to review your arrangement(s) on an ongoing basis.

Some examples might be arranging life assurance cover for you; or arranging your annuity at your retirement age.

Prime – this is a simplified, low cost investment solution for clients with smaller investment pots to manage and require only a limited level of ongoing support from ourselves – hence the low cost.

Premier – this is our mainstream service which fits the majority of our client relationships. We arrange a plan for you and we monitor the progress of the plan with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that it always as far as possible, keeps in line with your objectives.

Bespoke – this is a tailored solution for some of our clients and is individually arranged and priced accordingly.

This would usually involve clients requiring a particularly complicated solution.