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We have a series of videos that you may find useful.

Income Drawdown

This video will help you understand the various factors that are important when it comes to considering Income Drawdown as an option for taking income from your pension.

Investing for Income

When you invest to produce an income from your portfolio you will need to consider a number of factors and follow certain principles as explained in this video.

How to optimise the returns on your pension plan

How well your pension performs directly impacts on how much money you will have when you come to retire. We show below how this works and how you can strive to make sure your pension is performing to its optimum level.

Cash flow Financial Planning

Cash flow planning is an important step for all people to take when considering their long-term future. It is a method of using software to project income and expenditure patterns over many years and to check if at any point unwanted surpluses or shortfalls are forecast. This allows individuals and couples to make informed financial decisions TODAY about how to structure plans for the future. The video explains……

Asset Allocation and Diversification

These are the twin principles behind risk management and skilled portfolio construction. Understanding the basic methods will help any investor, regardless of their risk or objectives.

Equity Release

This is a video explaining how Equity Release works and how it can help people in later life release invaluable funds from their property. But it is a subject riddled with complexities and needs to be approached with caution. The video outlines all the major considerations and factors and goes through the advantages and disadvantages of using an Equity Release product.

Pension Consolidation

If you have past pensions, you may want to explore if there is value in consolidating these into one new pension. This video explains why this can make sense and how you could improve your long-term retirement prospects as a result. However, whilst in many cases this can prove advantageous, there are going to be other instances where it may not be such a good idea and could even prove to be disadvantageous. The video covers this in full and shows you how to consider this further.