Pensions for Corporates

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Pensions for Corporates

Directors Pensions

At Peter Stewart Associates we have considerable experience in assisting Directors with pension planning, both in respect of targeted retirement benefits but also in respect of Corporation Tax planning too. We work with Directors of large and small companies alike to ensure that they are achieving their pension and retirement objectives.

Employee’s Pensions

The Pensions Act (2008) introduced new legislation making it compulsory for employers to offer pension benefits to employees, and a complex structure of obligations and responsibilities that need to be ahered to. These responsibilities are overseen by The Pensions Regulator (link to their site  who have powers to apply financial penalties against non-compliant employers.

  • Peter Stewart Associates is able to work with employers, payroll providers and HR teams to ensure that their pension schemes are being administered in a compliant way with the rules.
  • Peter Stewart Associates is also able to work with employees to help them understand their pensions and wider finances, and to ensure that they get the most out of their money. This can be annually or on a more regular basis to suit the employer’s needs, and can be provided as telephone support, or alternatively on-site at the employer’s premises.