The corporate advice journey

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The corporate advice journey

At Peter Stewart Associates we work closely with a portfolio of existing corporate clients on a bespoke basis tailored to each company. Many of these existing clients have engaged the services of Peter Stewart Associates for 10 years and more.

We offer advice on a variety of topics including:

  • Automatic Enrolment,
  • Staff pensions,
  • Directors’ pensions,
  • Key-person protection,
  • Areas of corporate tax planning,
  • Employee benefits –
    • including life cover
    • health cover
    • medical cover.

Our services can be offered remotely or on-site.

Specialist financial advice can also be offered to the company’s Directors and/or key persons. Many of our corporate clients have engaged us to offer our services to their staff as well, and this can be on an ad-hoc, or a more structured basis as the employer requires.

Experience has demonstrated that our services enable key people in the business to focus on their day-to-day roles, maximising their value within the business and not having to be distracted with non-core, but nonetheless essential, tasks.

We are also adept at working closely with other advisers to the business, or internal departments, such as accountancy and payroll functions within the business. We have found that this translates directly into providing value for money for the employer. Those employers that engage us to advise their staff have additionally discovered that their staff see such a gesture as investing in them, and leads them to feel more valued.

Initially we would meet with the key decision makers in the business to clearly understand what the business requires of us, after which we would submit a proposal for consideration. Once agreed and approved, this plan will be implemented professionally to ensure the maximum benefit to the company and its staff.

We encourage the relationship to be reviewed regularly to ensure that all objectives are being met, allowing the plan to evolve as necessary by agreement.