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Making the wrong decisions when investing money can be very costly, and can sometimes lead to some – or all – of the investments being lost for good. Professional advice will help to avoid such mistakes, and will help you to get the best from your capital to achieve the investment goals you are seeking.

We can help guide you through the investment maize to ensure that your capital is invested in the most tax efficient way into investments that you understand and are comfortable with. Below are some of the types of investments that we may recommend to our clients:

Where money is put into an account with a bank or a building society, and where interest is earned on that money. Typically capital is not deemed at risk with such products

Typically also deposit based, money is put into an account with a bank or building society, but where the money is committed for a specific term in return for a greater rate of interest payable. Typically capital is not deemed at risk with such products.

Where money is invested into a deposit account up to a maximum investment limit per annum and interest is payable free of deduction to Income Tax. Typically capital is not deemed at risk with such products.

where moneys are invested into “asset backed” investments, which can comprise typically of assets listed below. These are usually accessed via a Unit Trust or OEIC to ensure sufficient diversification. Typically capital is deemed at risk with such products.

  • fixed income loan-stocks from governments
  • fixed income loan-stocks from companies
  • shares on stock-markets, UK and overseas
  • property – usually commercial
  • cash – institutionally invested cash
  • any or all of the above

where moneys are placed into an investment managed by a life insurance company for you in specific asset-backed investment funds, where the gains of which are taxable as Income Tax rather than Capital Gains Tax like other asset backed investments.

Typically capital is deemed at risk with such products.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future investment returns. Investment may fall as well as rise in value and you may not get back what you put in.