The ongoing advisory/review process

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The ongoing advisory/review process

Once the initial advice process has been agreed and implemented, clients benefitting from Peter Stewart Associates’ Premier Service Level will receive ongoing service on a day-to-day basis.

This can be defined in many ways, but can be split into pro-active support and re-active support.

Pro-active Support

The pro-active support services includes the following:

  • ongoing comprehensive monitoring of the investments under advice
    • including the full access to PSA’s proprietary investment process
    • any fund changes required within that process
  • product-level support, for example renewals, when appropriate
  • regular annual reviews (or at more regular intervals by agreement)
  • timely reminders of financial events, such as tax year-end for pension contributions and ISA renewals

Re-active Support

Our re-active support services includes:

  • expert telephone support for all financial queries during standard working hours
  • practical tax advice when required
  • referrals to a network of specialist professionals for non-core areas, or areas that PSA is unable to assist you with